WDW Festival Video

Video by Christine Anderson, YourVideoPortrait@gmail.com

Check out the video from our inaugural festival held in 2013!

Waking the Dreamer Within Festival

October 13-16, 2016, Longmont, Colorado

“Dreamer” Someone who envisions happiness and peace for humankind. Someone who believes that someday the world will truly be as one; visionary.

The Waking the Dreamer Within Festival is a celebration of creativity, imagination and the language of metaphor. The weekend nurtures authentic expression through workshops and group events featuring dreamwork, storytelling, poetry, music, art and the written word.

The festival offers a total of 24 workshops designed to enhance your connection with Body, Mind and Spirit:

Interactive workshops focusing on one or more of the following tracks:

Body:  Dance, Yoga, Movement, Sound, Art

Mind:  Written word – Spoken Word

Spirit:  Dreamwork, Fairy Tales, Meditation

Please contact me with any questions, Billie Ortiz, billiecortiz@gmail.com