Presenter and Festival Organizer

Billie Ortiz

Billie Ortiz, certified dreamworker, has two decades of experience creating and facilitating dream groups, workshops, and retreats. Her unique appreciation of metaphor and symbol expands her work to the realm of myth and fairy tale, which helps guide dreamers to a deeper understanding of the profound messages of their dreams.




Star EdwardsStar Edwards: At age four, a near death experience set Star’s life on a course of discovery about death and its process. She has been collecting stories of this most mysterious part of human life ever since. Star is a certified dreamworker through the Marin Institute of Dreamwork and Robert Moss’ School of Active Dreaming. She has been following the guidance of her dreams for more than 25 years and sees Dreamwork as a source of creative inspiration, a path to personal development and a gateway to connecting with transcendent realms. Star is also is an accomplished artist, jewelry designer, gemologist and Celtic harpist.



Cynthia Rose.resizeCynthia Rose is an Intuitive Multi-Modality Healing Practitioner, with training in a variety of modalities. She is Certified as a Shamanic Practitioner, and Master Teacher of the Navajo Featherway. She is in the process of developing a Mentorship program, for those guided to step into to their own Healing Practice. In healing sessions, Cynthia Rose allows herself to be intuitively guided by source consciousness, using her understanding of modalities as tools, to access different possibility states, in the field of infinite potential. Her work is powerful, dynamic, insightful, playful, and interactive. She works with clients, in free-flowing Transformational Dialogue with Body, Mind, and Spirit, to support optimal health, on all levels of being.




Johanne LaRocque.resize.2Johanne LaRocque, is a dream worker and writer who lives on the southeastern side of the furthest western point of the United States.  Her journey has taken her from Vermont (where she graduated from the University of Vermont) to Monterey California, with stops in Davis/Sacramento area (CSUS), Berkeley (GTU) where she led dream groups and participated in organizing and leading spiritual retreats.  Johanne has also been a story keeper and dream worker in hospice chaplaincy.



Suzanne Rougé, is an educator and spiritual mentor, having studied with a variety of indigenous medicine people in the U.S. and abroad. Suzanne facilitates opportunities for transpersonal growth through Moon Circle events, ceremony, presence practice, aromatherapy, reflexology, Ilahinoor energy work, medicine wheel readings, breath work and art. Visit





Karen Schultz, has been a prolific dreamer all her life. She has practiced dreamwork since 2007 with Billie Ortiz, Jeremy Taylor, Irene Clurman, Mike Tappan and many others. Her first experience with actively working a dream was quite profound and inspired her to pursue dreamwork further. As she says, “Basically, I fell in love with dreams all over again.” Karen is an artist and often paints images that arise from her dreams and guided journeys. She is also a mother, grandmother and a lover of Mother Earth.



Jessica Auman: Jessica walked into her first yoga class in 2000 and has been a student ever since. Knowing how her own daily practice has been a catalyst and support for positive growth and change in her life, she enjoys sharing her experience with others drawn to the yoga path. Her hatha yoga classes emphasize alignment and focus on uniting breath to movement in a slow, meditative dance that students are encouraged to carry with them off of the mat. She offers private sessions, weekly classes, and seasonal workshops in the Front Range area. For more info, visit